PROFILE of inventor

Wataru Ohkawa (MUTO KAMPEI)


Wataru Ohkawa is the inventor of the Muto music method, the newest musical teaching method. He is the headmaster of the Chromatic Music Lab. Currently, he is based in New York and travels between NY and Tokyo guiding his artists and managing his record company.

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When I was a student, I did not like to study. The motive of inventing the method was that I was always thinking how to learn music theory easily and rationally, that are so complicated when I was studying harmony, counterpoint, composition and piano after entering the music high school 29 years passed since then. My thought changed from ‘how I can learn easily, rationally and quickly’ to ‘let’s recreate the music circumstance to the ideal one without sticking to the existing common sense and keeping the good parts’ and I got strong belief on that.

I often get misunderstood but I do not dislike 5 line notation. Because 5 line notation has its mission to keep its formality as ‘the art of notation’ like the paintings in genre as classical music that finds value in the things of ages and with history, instead of going on the way of evolution which had been required by the ages during the hundreds of years. I understand ‘the noble and consistent attitude to preserve the history.’ However, the usage of notation in the modern age is totally different from 600 years ago. The main stream of its usage is at the site of music education. In our method, we point out that ‘the biggest problem of 5 line notation stays at its usage beyond its mission.’

This method is the updated music system that is the most rational and the easiest to understand, matching modern age. And it is not limited to any certain instruments, genre of music or keys.

We can clarify the misunderstandings like ‘music is difficult’ and anyone ‘can enjoy music more freely and more realistically’. I believe this method will help you in discovering and creating by proposing flexible and revolutionary idea to the music scene in the coming ages.
(in April, 2012)

Brief Personal History

On July 6th born in Tokyo. Got special education with guitars.
At the age of 9, as duo (Kampei & Ritsuko)with his 3 year old younger sister, released record from 6 record companies such as Japan Colombia, Victor Entertainment, CBS Sony, King Record, Canyon Record and Polydor at the same time, that was a very special case. Performed on TV, etc.
At the age of 12, won ‘judges special award’ as youngest in ‘Yamaha EastWest’ which was a very popular music contest in Japan where many famous musicians such as Southern All Stars and Toshinobu Kubota competed. Was also invited to the contest as a special guest.
Proceeded to Tokyo College of Music High School. Studied under Ms.Reiko Arima and Mr.Akira Nishimura. Started development of the music notation and the keyboard instruments.
Entered the Diploma course of composition department at Tokyo College of Music with the recommendation by Mr. Akira Ifukube.
Released ‘Rapian’ as prototype. In October, won the grand prix at International Invention EXPO.
Released ‘Rapian Kit.’
Graduated from college and went to the united states. Started evangelizing Rapian in USA (Seattle, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Boston) under the supervision of Dr. Robert Moog, whom he had known. Gave lectures at Berklee College of Music that is very famous in Jazz.
Came back to Japan. While developing Muto Music Method, as a producer, acted in the various fields like nurtured new artists, produced TV programs and movies, managed theaters and planned events.
Released ‘Wholetone Revolution’
Released Chromatone (CT-312).
started music label ‘Y2G Record’ as Executive Producer In June, published a book, ‘Throw Away 5 Line Notation Right Now !’
published a book, ‘Throw Away 5 Line Notation Right Now !’
released iPad application software ‘Chromatone lite for iPad’. This software ranked in top 10 sales chart in the 4 consecutive weeks.
released application software, ‘Chromatone for iPad’ with extending functions and content of ‘Chromatone life for iPad.’
published ‘Hanon’ (method, scorebook) based on Chromatic Notation. This is the first music text book as Muto Method.
released ‘Chromatone for Android,’ application software for Android tablet devices and smart phones. At the same time, published ‘BEYER’ (scorebook).
Expanded his activity base to New York.
Started sales of music collection of "HANON" ''BEYER'' ''BURGMULLER -the chromatic notation-: 25 Liechte Etüeden Op. 100'' ''CZERNY 100 -the chromatic notation-: 100 Progressive Studies Op. 139'' with American and European POD editions.
Opened music studio, "Chromatic Music Lab." in Shibuya.
Published "CZERNY 40" "CZERNY 50 (Books 1~3 and 4~6)" "BACH: Inventions" "BACH: Symphonias"
"BACH: Invention (No Articulation)" "BACH: Symphonias (No Articulation)" "BACH: The Well-Temperered Clavier - Book 1" in the Chromatic Notation.
Published "BACH: The Well-Temperered Clavier - Book 2" "ERIK SATIE: 3 Gymnopédies/3 Gnossiennes" "SCOTT JOPLIN: PIANO RAGS" "F.SHOPIN: 12Etudes Op.10 (No Articulation)" "F.SHOPIN 12Etudes Op.25 (No Articulation)" "F.SHOPIN Preludes Op.28 (No Articulation)" "F.SHOPIN Impromptus (No Articulation)" "F.SHOPIN Ballades (No Articulation)" in the Chromatic Notation.
Published "Sonatina Album Book1(No Articulation)" "F.SHOPIN Ballades(No Articulation)" "F.SHOPIN Scherzos(No Articulation)" "L.V.BEETHOVEN Houon Selections(No Articulation)"in the Chromatic Notation became available overseas as well.
Opened gallery, "Chromatic Gallery" in Shibuya.
Published "L.V.BEETHOVEN – Piano Sonatas ~Pathétique/Moonlight/Appassionata~(No Articulation)" "MOZART Houon Selections Book1(No Articulation)" "SONATINA ALBUM Book2(No Articulation)" "MOZART Houon Selections Book2(No Articulation)" "Schubert – Houon Selection(No Articulation)s" in the Chromatic Notation became available overseas as well.
Published "R.Schumann – Kinderszenen (No Articulation)" "Schubert – Houon Selections(No Articulation)" "Debussy – Houon Selections(No Articulation)" in the Chromatic Notation became available overseas as well.
Published "L.V.BEETHOVEN – Piano Sonatas ~Waldstein/à Thérèse/Les Adieux~ (No Articulation)" "F.CHOPIN Waltz(No Articulation)" "MENDELSSOHN Songs Without Words Book1(No Articulation)" "L.V.BEETHOVEN Piano Sonata Hammerklavier (No Articulation)" "L.V.BEETHOVEN – Piano Sonata ~Trauermarsch/Pastoral/Tempest~(No Articulation)"in the Chromatic Notation became available overseas as well.
Published "MENDELSSOHN Songs Without Words Book2(No Articulation)" "MENDELSSOHN Songs Without Words Book3(No Articulation)" "Tchikovsky Seasons(No Articulation)" in the Chromatic Notation became available overseas as well.
Published "F.SHOPIN Polonaisen(No Articulation)" "F.SHOPIN Rondos(No Articulation)" "MENDELSSOHN Songs Without Words Book4 Op.53(No Articulation)" in the Chromatic Notation became available overseas as well.
Published "F.SHOPIN Mazurkas(No Articulation)" in the Chromatic Notation became available overseas as well.


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